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Statement of purpose

Launched in 2018, Wilson Tiger Boosters is a DC-based nonprofit established by a group of parents who were committed to supporting Wilson’s strong tradition of excellence through supporting Wilson's athletics. Tiger Boosters support ranges from building community, to financial support, to identifying and sharing best practices for team management. Tiger Boosters works closely with Wilson's athletic department and teams in determining priorities.

For a Tiger Boosters accomplishments as outlined in our Annual Reports, click here.

Wilson Tiger Boosters is a 501(c)3 organization, which means that all donations are tax-deductible (minus the value of any gifts received).


Tiger Boosters board meeting, College & Career Center

Open to all members of Wilson athletic community.

11/13/19 at 7pm


Here you will find information on the most commonly asked questions about Wilson Tiger Boosters.

Updated: October 2019

Why does Wilson High School have a booster club?

The idea for a booster club grew out of conversations with the Wilson athletic department and interested parents who recognized the long-standing need for additional funding for Wilson athletics. A main goal of the Tiger Boosters is to fundraise for the benefit of all athletic teams, as well as support the teams in other ways.  

For more information on funding sources for athletics, click here. 

For the Tiger Boosters’ governance information, click here

Wait, so what is the WTA vs the Tiger Boosters?

They are the same organization. WTA is the acronym for the official name, Wilson Tiger Athletics, Inc. However, the WTA will be using Tiger Boosters going forward to eliminate any confusion with Wilson High School athletics.

While Tiger Boosters regularly consults and works closely with Wilson's athletic department to determine priorities, Tiger Boosters is an independent organization. The Wilson Athletic Director serves, ex officio, on the Tiger Boosters Board, and does not vote. 

What does the Tiger Boosters do?

For a detailed list of accomplishments, click here

  • General support for all teams:  The Tigers Boosters works closely with coaches to understand teams’ needs and to identify and implement ways to help them. It carries out its own larger-scale fundraising activity (annual Tiger Bash, etc.) and co-sponsors events (Tenley Tiger Run, DC Sneaker Expo, etc.), heavily advertises those events as well as specific team events on social media and through other means to the Wilson community, alumni and supporters, and seeks and receives donations for Tiger Boosters.  It purchased and rolled out TeamSnap to help all teams organize and manage their rosters, registration, scheduling and communications in one place, and established this website, which includes a dedicated page for each team to showcase its successes.
  • Support to specific teams: The Tiger Boosters also help teams with their own fundraising by suggesting ideas, advertising events and providing operational help such as securing permits for events as needed.  It holds financial accounts for all teams within the Tiger Boosters account, which enables teams to receive donations on a tax-exempt basis. It also has awarded scholarships so athletes could attend regional and national events, and hopes to make more awards and grants in the future.  It also purchased group software subscriptions which are available to all teams.
  • Support to coaches:  The Tiger Boosters supports coaches by preparing onboarding packets for new coaches, through regular meetings to understand their needs, and pays coaches’ stipends.
I contribute to my athlete’s team - where does my money go?

Each athletic team has its own ledger within the Tiger Boosters’ bank account which that team manages. Donations and fundraising proceeds specific to one team go to that team’s ledger. Teams carry over any used funds in a year to the following year.

Does any of my money for my athletes’s team go to Tiger Boosters?

The Tiger Boosters assesses a general administrative fee of 10% of all deposits, by each team, to cover operating expenses such as TeamSnap, website management, other financial management software (QuickBooks, etc.), required insurances, a bookkeeper and related overhead. However, that 10% is capped at $4000 per sports program per year. 

The Tiger Boosters also assesses a different administrative fee for large fundraising events to cover any special services it may provide to specific teams (providing insurance, acquiring permits, etc.), usually 20%.  However, Tiger Boosters does not “double dip,” so deposits are assessed a general administrative fee or a fundraising administrative fee, but not both. 

My team is doing a lot of fundraising and so is Tiger Boosters, so why am I being asked to pay more to a Coach & Scholarship Fund fee?

Tiger Boosters is also asking families to contribute $100/player per season to the Coach & Scholarship Fund. This fund is a dedicated bank account that is used for the sole purpose of paying coach stipends and scholarships for team dues for athletes who can’t afford to contribute to the team’s needs. Tiger Boosters does not take any administrative or other fees associated with this fund. Team fundraising efforts may not be sufficient to cover coach stipends or scholarships for athletes, so a separate fund was established to ensure coaches receive stipends.

Why can’t Tiger Boosters do its own fundraising?

The Tiger Boosters does fundraise to benefit the athletic program and teams more broadly. It holds at least one major fundraising event each year (Tiger Bash), applies for grants, seeks out sponsorships, and more. However, it is really important that the Boosters support the individual teams in their efforts, so a lot of energy goes into helping teams have successful fundraising events themselves. Boosters would rather support than compete with the teams.   

Who runs the Tiger Boosters?

The Tiger Boosters has a Board of Directors and Officers, consistent with its status as a DC nonprofit.  Members of the school administration sit on the Board, (ex officio ex officio members do not vote). A full list is available HERE. Officers and board members are current Wilson parents, parent alumni, and alumni who serve as volunteers and are not compensated.  We are always looking for more volunteers. See opportunities here.

Are there meetings I can attend?

The Board meets one weekday evening per month.  All members of the Wilson community are welcome to attend, and we particularly encourage parent representatives from teams to attend.  Notice of Board meetings are provided in advance.

How can I get involved?

There are many ways!  In addition to attending Board meetings, click here for a list of opportunities. 

For questions not answered here or at the links, whom do I contact?

Specific questions can be directed to Booster co-presidents Natalie Cooper-Berthe and Maria Emanuel at wta.inc.president@gmail.com

Goals for 2019-2020

  • Fundraising: Help each team identify major fundraising strategy, including events; Establish a fundraising committee to identify relevant grants, sponsorships and other activities; Apply for grants and scholarships for capital needs.

  • Coaches: Pay head coach stipends not covered by DCIAA; Host additional mastermind events for head coaches to share best practices and resources

  • Athletics Support: Fund 2nd Annual ESPY Awards in May 2020; Other support as needed

  • Operations: Develop website, including personalized pages for each sport; Implement TeamSnap for all teams; Continue building systems to streamline operations for teams, from fundraising to team management


volunteer opportunities

Tiger Boosters is a parent-run, all-volunteer non-profit, and we need your help!!

We urgently need help filling the following positions:

  • Vice-President—Fundraising
  • Vice-President—Admin & Team Operations Support
  • Co-Treasurer
  • Team Fundraiser Opportunity Tracker

To see job descriptions and a complete list of volunteer opportunities that we’ve identified so far, check out our Volunteer Opportunities page.


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