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Jackson-Reed’s amazing athletics program would not exist without the perseverance and dedication of its coaches. This page not only highlights our coaches and their achievements, but also serves as a resources for Jackson-Reed coaches.

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David Quest

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We are thrilled you are considering coaching Jackson-Reed student-athletes! Thank you!

To become a coach, you will need to:

1. Talk to the Jackson-Reed Athletic Director. 
2. Follow all instructions here.
3. If you are receiving a stipend that will be paid through the WTA Tiger Boosters, email here to request the necessary paperwork (this is done electronically).

Welcome aboard. We’re excited to have you!

CONGRATULATIONS! You're now a Jackson-Reed Tiger Coach!

Thank you so much for coaching our student-athletes! We really appreciate everything that you do to support our players.

A few notes:

Hiring and Managing Coaches

Jackson-Reed's AD and the Athletic Department is solely responsible for hiring all coaches for Wilson teams. Head coaches may bring on additional coaches (especially volunteer coaches), but all coaches MUST be cleared by Jackson-Reed's Athletic Director.

Tiger Boosters plays no role in the hiring, certifying or managing of any coaches or program managers.

Getting Paid

Many of our coaches are volunteer, which means that they don't get paid. (They may still receive gifts, like spirit wear, etc.)

Several of our coaches do get paid. Please note:

  • DCIAA sports: Head coaches and some assistant coaches will be paid a stipend by DCIAA. Contract Jackson-Reed AD with questions. Tiger Boosters is not involved in this process at all.
  • Non-DCIAA sports and supplemental coaches (including of DCIAA teams) may be paid a stipend through Tiger Boosters. Please note that this money is raised by team players and families, and Tiger Boosters simply acts as a conduit and facilitator, ensuring legal compliance and distribution of payments and 1099s.

To be paid by Tiger Boosters, please do the following:

  1. Email Tiger Boosters AP Treasurer here informing them that you are a new coach who will be paid through Tiger Boosters. (Your head coach will often do this.) Include your name, email address, and team(s)/program(s) you'll be coaching.
  2. Track1099: You will receive an email from Track1099 on behalf of Tiger Boosters. Here you will create an account and fill out your W-9 online. We will not have access to your SSN or private information. After January, you will be able to download your 1099 from the previous year. Let us know when this step is complete, and will we verify it is done. You cannot get paid--not even a bonus--unless this step is completed.
  3. Direct Deposit through You will receive an email from on behalf of Wilson Tiger Boosters, asking you to set up your FREE account. (Do not authorize anything more than the free account.) This allows us to pay you via direct deposit. We will not have access to your SSN or bank information. Instructions on how to set up a free account can be found here. 
  4. Let us know when these steps are complete, and will we verify they are done. You cannot get paid unless this step is completed. (For reimbursements, not stipends, you only need to fill out the account info.)

If you have any questions, please reach out to the AP Treasurer at We’re excited to have you!


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