Team Management

6/2020: Check out our new Boosters Training Vault of How-To Videos HERE

Since Tiger Boosters was launched in 2018, it has become an invaluable resource to help teams raise, manage, and spend their money. While the Tiger Boosters plays several important roles as the umbrella Boosters organization for all Wilson teams except Crew, helping teams manage and access their resources is one of the most important.

You can learn more about what else the Tiger Boosters does here.



All fundraising activities must be approved in advance. Please see the "GoFundMe & Other Fundraising Tools" section on this page.

This pages outlines the key financial, communication, and TeamSnap protocols that Tiger Boosters has established for teams. These protocols are necessary so that we can best track and support the nearly 40 programs and fundraisers we do each year. It is also helpful to support our efforts in being transparent and maintaining predictable continuity from year-to-year.

A lot of effort has gone into this page to streamline the internal processes, and to make all of this predictable to each of you. If you have ideas to improve a process, please let us know at

Note that this is a LIVING page, meaning that things change based on what we learn and input from our team parents and coaches. However, because we are a 501c3, please be aware that we operate under a number of constraints due to bank and channel funding rules.


Income Categories

Because Tiger Boosters is a nonprofit, we are required to track our income and expenses in a very specific way to file our annual 990s (tax returns for nonprofits). The vast majority of team income will be designated as Program Fees, but there are notable exceptions. 

  • Program Service Fees
    Nearly ALL team-related funding will be classified as Program Service Fees. ANY team dues, event fees, and donations specifically identified to a team.
  • Contributions
    Any general donations to the Tiger Boosters will be listed here. Any donations that are not specifically designated to a team are de facto for Tiger Boosters, and will also be listed here.

  • Grants
    Grants received by Tiger Boosters, for Tiger Boosters or on behalf of a team, should be classified as a grant. Any (individual or cumulative from the same organization) grants over $5000 require additional paperwork.

  • Fundraisers
    Fundraising events MUST BE TRACKED SEPARATELY, including income and expenses. Tiger Boosters automatically sets up a separate ledger for fundraisers that require expenses. Restaurant fundraisers should be classified as fundraisers, even if they are for a specific team and don’t have expenses on our part.

  • Concessions
    Concessions income and expenses must be tracked separately.

  • Merchandise Sales
    Merchandise sales, generally t-shirts and magnets, must be tracked separately. IMPORTANT: We will also use this category to track sales tax due.

Income FAQs (categories by type of deposit)

**If the money comes from…

**Classify it as…

Auction items

Fundraisers (but we owe sales tax)



Donation for coach bonus for a specific team

Program service fees

Donation to team

Program service fees

Donation with no team listed


Donation with Tiger Boosters (including coach & scholarship fund) as designee


GoFundMe for a fundraising event


GoFundMe for a team

Program service fees

GoFundMe for Tiger Boosters


Grant for a team


Grant for an event


Merchandise (t-shirts and magnets)

Merchandise sales

Payment for team travel event

Program service fees

Payment for uniforms

Program service fees

Restaurant fundraiser (take a % of sales)


Sponsorship for a fundraiser


Sponsorship for a team

Program service fees

Sponsorship for Tiger Boosters in general


Team dues

Program service fees

Ticket sales for fundraising event


Making a Paper Deposit

Many team funds are collected electronically, but we are still glad to take cash and checks! All money collected on behalf of the team should be deposited with the Tiger Boosters.

  • Make checks out to Wilson Tiger Boosters, Tiger Boosters or Wilson Tiger Athletics.
  • Fill out the deposit form (copies available in Tiger Boosters’ mailbox in main office); verify the income categories are correct (see above)
  • Make a copy (picture) for yourself
  • Endorse any checks with Tiger Boosters stamp (available in mailbox). Do NOT endorse it with the name of your group.
  • Leave it in the box and let relevant Tiger Boosters board member know, or leave it with the Athletic Director, who will pass it onto relevant Tiger Boosters board member.
  • Completed deposits are scanned and uploaded to the Shared Drive associated with your program's official or email address.

Making a PayPal Deposit

PayPal deposits are collected through the team PayPal links. PayPal is currently the least expensive way to collect dues (lowest processing fee). 

PayPal Buttons

  • Teams may accept donations or team dues through PayPal. 

  • Team may request as many PayPal buttons they need, as long as the buttons are related to team activities. To do this, email the PayPal manager at


  • PayPal accounts will be swept and allocated to each team on Mondays

  • Reports will be available after Monday and will be uploaded to the Shared Drive associated with the program's official or email address. 

How to Get a Team PayPal Account

  • Teams that use PayPal frequently are invited to request their own PayPal accounts. To do so, make a request to the Tiger Boosters Board at a monthly meeting, or email

  • Teams that have their own PayPal account are required to have their treasurer or another team representative on the Tiger Boosters Board. This must be a parent volunteer, since Wilson coaches are prohibited from sitting on the board (conflict of interest). 

Making a TeamSnap Deposit

Effective Fall 2020, ALL TEAMS are required to use TeamSnap for team communication, scheduling, rostering, etc. Teams should also plan to use TeamSnap for invoicing. (See below for more information about TeamSnap.)

Teams are able to invoice parents for team dues directly from TeamSnap. However, before you do this, you must first:

Funds are automatically deposited into the Tiger Boosters' bank account every Monday. Team Managers can see who has paid what inside TeamSnap. 


Payment Processing Schedule

Effective February 2020, Tiger Boosters has implemented a schedule as to when invoices will be reviewed and paid. 

Please note that we request 14 days advance notice, although we are often able to pay sooner (within a few days). 

The Accounts Payable email address ( is reviewed several times a week, however requests for payment are processed on Mondays and Thursdays. 

For a complete schedule of Tiger Boosters' bookkeeping practices, see our Bookkeeping Schedule

New Vendor Approval Process

New vendors must be approved prior to receiving payments from Tiger Boosters. Once vendor is approved and we've received the requisite information, no additional information is required except updates by the vendor. 

Parents or coaches who are being reimbursed do not need to fill out a W-9.

W-9 requirement

  • All new vendors must complete a W-9. If we do not receive a W-9, we will request one via Track1099, and online system that tracks our W-9s. (This is so we can issue a 1099 to relevant businesses as required by federal law.) No payments will be made to the vendor until we receive a W-9.

  • Notable exceptions:

    • Vendors whose bills will not exceed $600 in a calendar year
    • Vendors we pay/paid exclusively by credit card (not debit card) Requirement

  • If vendor is not part of our network (identified by email), they will be invited to set up a FREE account so that they can accept payments through ACH deposit (aka ePayments). This allows faster payments directly into their bank account. Please let them know to expect this email invite from

  • Instructions on how to set up a free account can be found here

  • If vendor already has a network, they will be invited to accept us as a payor in their network. This will allow us to issue ePayments.

  • If the vendor rejects the offer for electronic payments or does not respond in a timely manner, their check will be mailed within two weeks of when you submit for payment (assuming W-9 is completed).

Blacklist/Whitelist Vendors

  • Tiger Boosters is maintaining a lists of vendors that we will not support, and a list of preferred vendors. To receive a copy of this list, email 

Payment Request—To Pay an Outside Vendor

These are NEW INSTRUCTIONS as of 2/2020. Please follow instructions carefully to process timely payments. Payments are issued on a weekly basis.

For new vendors, check Vendor Approval Process, outlined above. 

Fill out form, provide documentation

  • Fill out the Payment Request (PR) form online. Typed is strongly preferred.

  • Fill out PR completely. This includes email address, phone number and mailing address!!

  • Scan supporting documentation. If invoices/POs are embedded in an email, please PDF the email and send as an attachment. 

  • Provide this information to the team treasurer or team parent/chair. We will only accept PRs from the people identified by the head coach for making financial decisions on behalf of the team/sport.

  • Team treasurer/chair or coach will email PR and supporting documentation to

Payments processed

  • AP Treasurer will determine whether the invoice requires immediate payment (via debit or credit card) or can be paid through, and will forward accordingly. 

  • Payments are processed on Mondays and Thursdays in

  • If your vendor does not respond to our invitation immediately, this could delay payment up to a week or two. 

Payment verification

  • Payments will be logged into your sports’ Statement of Activity report as soon as they are processed, so if you see it in your weekly financial report, you know it’s been processed by us.

Payment Request—To Be Reimbursed

These are NEW INSTRUCTIONS as of 2/2020. Please follow instructions carefully to receive timely payments and reimbursement. Payments are issued on a weekly basis.

Because we want to limit how much parents and coaches are out-of-pocket, Tiger Boosters strongly prefers to pay an invoice directly to the vendor rather than reimburse a parent or coach. However, we do know that sometimes this is necessary, and that is fine.

Fill out form, provide documentation

  • Fill out the Payment Request (PR) form online. Typed is strongly preferred.

  • Fill out PR completely. This includes email address, phone number and mailing address!!

  • Scan supporting documentation. If invoices/POs are embedded in an email, please PDF the email and send as an attachment. 

  • Provide this information to the team treasurer or team parent/chair. We will only accept PRs from the people identified by the head coach for making financial decisions on behalf of the team/sport.

  • Team treasurer/chair or coach will email PR and supporting documentation to

  • Payments are processed on Mondays and Thursdays in

Parent/Coach: set up account

  • If parent or coach is not part of the our network already, they will be invited to set up a free account to receive an ACH deposit (aka ePayment) through, at no cost to them. This allows faster payments directly into their bank account (think: direct deposit). Please let them know to expect this email from
  • IMPORTANT: Parents/coaches should register with as an Independent Contractor (see video here). Use FREE account option. Coaches who’ve previously registered and/or receive stipends through Tiger Boosters do not need to register again.

  • If the individual rejects the offer for electronic payments or does not respond in a timely manner, their check may be delayed, as it will be mailed within two weeks of when the PR was submitted.

Payments verification

  • Payments will be logged into your sports’ Statement of Activity report as soon as they are processed, so if you see it in your weekly financial report, you know it’s been processed by us.
  • Payments will be logged into your sports’ general ledger as soon as it is processed, so if you see it in your GL, you know it’s been processed by us.

Payment Request—Coaches’ Stipends

These are NEW INSTRUCTIONS as of 2/2020. Please follow instructions carefully to receive timely payments. Coach stipends are issued at the end of the season unless other arrangements are made.

NOTE: Season refers to fall/winter/spring seasons, not individual team seasons. We aim to pay coaches within 45 days of the last game of the season. All coaches are paid at the same time, unless other arrangements are made. 

Coaches who receive stipends through Tiger Boosters must fill out documentation from three different sources. Coaches cannot get paid until all three requirements are satisfied:

Coach requirements

  • W-9—You’ll receive an email from Track1099 to fill out your W-9. Please fill this out even if you’ve previously provided us with a paper W-9. Once you do this, you do not need to register again, but please be sure to update your address if you move!

  • Direct deposit information—You’ll receive an email invitation from to sign up as vendor. We are using this service so we can pay our coaches through direct deposit. Please accept this invitation, registering as an Independent Contractor. Instructions on how to register for free account can be found here. If you’ve already registered with, whether for coaching or reimbursement, you do not need to do this again. Rejecting will delay your stipend payment.

  • Tiger Boosters Contract—You’ll receive a coaching contract from Tiger Boosters through DocuSign. Please sign electronically. You may keep a copy for your records.

To get paid

The Athletic Director usually submits a Coach Stipend Request form at the end of each season. Check with the AD to see if this is already done. If not, or this payment request falls outside the scheduled timeline, follow these instructions:

  • Fill out the Payment Request (PR) form online, typed.

  • Coach stipends must be approved through the Head Coach or the Athletic Director prior to submitting a PR to Tiger Boosters.

  • We will only accept PRs from the people identified by the head coach for making financial decisions on behalf of the team/sport.

  • Team treasurer/chair or coach will email CR and supporting documentation (if any) to

  • Coach stipends will be processed at the end of the season, at the same time as all the other coaches for that season, unless other arrangements are made. This is simply so we can better track who needs to be paid and when.

Payment verification

  • Payments will be logged into the sports’ Statement of Activities report as soon as it is processed, so if you see it in your weekly report, you know it’s been processed by us.

Credit Card Payments

Some purchases require immediate or credit card/debit card payments. For those purchases, follow the instructions above (To Pay an Outside Vendor) and note the need for credit card or immediate payment in the email.

Some programs have been authorized and received a credit card to use on behalf of the program.

How/When to use the credit card

  • At this point (because of our overall account limit), your intent to use the credit card must be cleared with the AP Treasurer.

  • We may provide checks or prepayment for as many expenses as possible, such as airfare and hotel. 

  • When traveling, credit cards should be used to pay for meals, tolls, and other expenses to avoid reimbursement. 

  • If cleared ahead of time, credit cards may be used for general season expenses. 
  • Your card limit may be limited by your balance in the Tiger Boosters account.

Submitting paperwork

  • Keep all receipts.
  • Scan them (we don't want the originals). Use a free scanner app like Genius Scan. Please send in PDF (not JPG). 

  • On the 2nd of the month, you will receive your credit card statement to your program's @wta email address. You may use this to track your expenses. 

  • Fill out the Credit Card Receipts Tracking form (to right). Please fill in online (typed is always better).

  • Submit the CCRT and supporting documentation by the 8th of the month in which you receive the statement.

  • Expense amounts will be deducted from your ledger/account. 

Failure to abide by these rules may result in the loss of privilege of use of a Tiger Boosters credit card. 

Tracking Team Money

Transparency is crucial to building and maintaining trust, and so teams should be tracking their spending and income. However you do this, it is important that you set up a system that can be used year-over-year so you can compare and anticipate expenses.

Consider setting up your chart of accounts to reflect the expenses categories that are listed on the Check Request form. You may also want to track the different types of income (team dues vs donations) so you know where you are getting most of your income.


  • Wave.
    It’s an excellent FREE online accounting software similar to QuickBooks, but simpler. They make their money processing credit card payments (which you will not need), so it’s free to use otherwise.

  • Spreadsheet.
    If your accounts aren't complicated, a simple excel spreadsheet might be sufficient for your purposes. 

  • Weekly Statement of Activities.
    Each Saturday, Tiger Boosters provides Statement of Activity reports to each team that has a balance (positive or negative) in the Tiger Boosters accounts. Team treasurers are encouraged to monitor this activity closely so we can fix any errors in a timely basis. 


Team Pages on Website

The website is an opportunity to show off your Tiger pride! Our teams are doing amazing things, and we want you to be proud of what you do. 

We encourage each team to take ownership of their pages on the the Wilson Tiger Athletics website. You can upload pictures and videos, share messages, highlight when you or your players are featured in the news, and more! Roster pages can provide even more detail, including rosters, student-athlete head shots and stats, links to highlight tapes, and more. 

To request access, fill out the form here. Note that all requests will be verified with the head coach, as well as tracked. You may need to request access annually. 

NOTE: Parents or coaches must use their OWN email address to access the website. Under no circumstances will team email addresses be granted access to edit the website. More than one person per team may request access. 

Sport Email Addresses

Email Format

Each sport is assigned its own email, which is For example:


Email Uses

Please note, this email address:

  • Is featured on each team web page
  • Is where the weekly team ledger report (finances) is sent
  • Is where all sport social media should be connected
  • Is how Tiger Boosters communicates with the teams about updates
  • May be accessed by coach(es) or team pages, as decided by the head coach and team parents

Request Access

If you do not have access to your sport email address, please contact, and we will reset the password. 

If your sport needs an additional email address, contact the same above.

Sport email address passwords are reset annually to protect unauthorized access. 

Coach Emails

Tiger Boosters is glad to offer coaches personalized email addresses. These are Gmail accounts, and any active Wilson Coach may request one, and we strongly recommend this option for any coaches who do not use a DCPS email address for regular correspondence. 

The benefits of using a branded email address include:

  • Branding--it immediately identifies you as a legitimate coaching member of the Wilson athletic community
  • Protection--it mirrors the DCPS social media policy and protects you in your interactions with student-athletes and their parents
  • Easy--it's easy for others to remember or figure out because the pattern is predictable
  • Professionalism--it simply looks better

For each email addresses, the naming mechanism is:

So for a coach named Sam Jones, the email address would be:

(Numbers will be added when names would result in the same email address.)

Coaches who would like their own Wilson Tiger Athletics-branded email address should contact the Tiger Boosters VP of Operations at

Social Media

Tiger Boosters strongly recommends that all coaches, student-athletes and parents review the DCPS social media policy, which can be found here.

Tiger Boosters' social media policy can be found here.

Nearly every sport and activity associated with Tiger Boosters use a variety of social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and possibly others. Please note:

  • Any and all social media platforms MUST be associated with the program email address provided by Tiger Boosters. 

Best practices include:

  • All team communication is through TeamSnap, which offers select group messaging (only certain players) and team-wide communication. 



words words words

Using a Travel Agency

Tiger Boosters strongly recommends using a travel agency for travel events that involve airfare. This is less of an issue for bus travel events.

Please do NOT use a travel agent who does this as a side hustle, but doesn't have a proven track record.

A professional travel agent will save you (and us) a lot of time and energy, and be able to take care of any issues that come up quickly and competently, such as a change in schedule, poor services, etc. Like travel insurance when you need it, the fees that a good travel agent charges is worth every penny. 

Contact the AP Treasurer for recommendations. 


Please connect with Tiger Boosters before your team travels. Our goal is to make sure that no coach or parent has any out-of-pocket expenses.


If your team is traveling by plan, you may need to purchase airfare. Please contact the AP Treasurer, who will authorize the payment. We will need the exact dollar amount due. 

We also strongly encourage the use of a good travel agent. This can make all the difference and they are worth every penny extra you pay. Contact the AP Treasurer for our recommended agent.

General Travel Expenses

Depending on your expected expenses, we may need to provide you with a live check to pay for large expenses (like hotel). 

If your team travels, you have likely been provided with a program credit card. In most cases, it is issued to the Varsity Head Coach, although the JV Head Coach may also benefit from one. Please pay for ALL out-of-pocket expenses with this credit card. 


International Travel

When a team travels internationally, as our Baseball team does to Dominican Republic every year, additional caution and paperwork is required.

If a DCPS employee is participating and they are NOT paying their own way (for example, a coach who is coming as a chaperone), they must fill out the International Travel Request form provided by DCPS. It must be completed and submitted 30 days prior to the date of departure.


Team Travel Planning



Early Stage Planning

  • Decide on type of event.
    Ideas include auction, a-Thon, bake or food sale, bash party, car wash, festival, event at a venue, sporting events such as a 5K run, tournament, skills clinic/camp. The possibilities are endless!

  • Put your team of volunteers together.
    Clearly identify the roles of each volunteer. Establishing expectations and deadlines is key!

  • Create an event budget.
    Determine your ROI (return on investment) to make sure it’s worth the effort.

  • Choose your venue and date.
    Try not to conflict with anything major going on at school so that you have the best possible turnout.

  • Create an event timeline.
    We call this the “T-“ or “T minus” schedule. It’s the countdown from the date of your event. This is crucial to document for two reasons:

    • It’ll help keep you on track while planning your event; and

    • It keeps a record of what needs to happen when, so you’ll be able to assess where you can do better next time, and next year’s event chair doesn’t have to recreate the wheel.


  • Submit a Tiger Boosters Event Planning Form to request support from Tiger Boosters.
    Other than restaurant fundraisers, all team fundraising events require this form, including off-campus events. This helps identify your fundraiser as a Tiger Boosters event, and you will then be able to put your money into your account, instead of the SAF.

  • For on-campus (at Wilson) events only:
    Submit a Building Use Agreement (BUA). Fill out the form at right and email completed form to IMPORTANT: The BUA must be submitted 30 days prior to the date of the event. All events must be cleared/approved by the Wilson Business Manager and Athletics.

  • For off-campus events only:
    You will be requested to sign an agreement with the venue. A Tiger Boosters officer will sign the paperwork. Vet the agreement carefully, noting minimums and other stipulations. Tiger Boosters will review it before it’s signed, since we have experience with these types of events.

  • Request a Certificate of Insurance (COI) from the Tiger Boosters.

    We will contact our insurance provide to request the proper binder and coverage for your event.

  • Download WTA’s tax-exemption certificate and charity solicitation license as needed.

  • Submit payment requests for deposits and other costs associated with event.

  • Limit parent/coach output of cash as much as possible. Provide PRs at least two weeks in advance where possible. In some cases, you may be able to ask to use a WTA credit card (see above). Keep receipts and records!

Mid-Stage Planning

  • Identify needs for security, custodial services, equipment and rentals.
    Consider your needs for tables, seats, set-up, A/V, speakers, catering, etc. You were asked this on the Team Event Planning form, but it may have changed. Follow-up!

  • Determine your tech needs.
    Do you need an auction bidding software platform or an event ticketing sales platform? Tiger Boosters has contracted GiveSmart (Mobile Auction Software), and also has accounts with PayPal, Square, and Eventbrite, and we are often adding more. Please provide enough time to get you set up (2-4 weeks).

Marketing Your Event

  • Identify and engage event partners and sponsors.
    Look for Wilson staff, caterer, venue manager, DCPS contacts for events involving 5K Runs and city-wide tournaments, local business sponsors, etc.

  • Develop your event branding.
    You will need an event logo, promotional materials, flyers, posters, etc. You can also create a webpage on the website (request permission from WTA webmaster first). Please refer to the guidelines for the Wilson High School Branding for consistency.

  • Develop and deploy your event marketing campaign.
    How and where will you promote your event? Considerations:

    • Wilson Constant Contact email list (request help from Boosters’ communication chair at

    • Principal’s Weekly Email Newsletter

    • The Beacon school newspaper

    • Alumni contact lists

    • Team listservs and networks

    • Tiger Boosters listservs

    • Local neighborhood listservs

    • Local schools

    • Social media, including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook (submit to Boosters’ social media guru at

    • SnapChat geo-filter for Wilson (note that SnapChat requires pre-approval and scheduling, so plan for this at least three weeks in advance)

Post-Event Wrap-Up

  • Deposits the money you made
    If you made any cash or collected checks, fill out a deposit form. Note the name of the EVENT, not the benefiting team. Do not reimburse directly from proceeds, unless you’ve received approval from the Tiger Boosters treasurer. We must keep meticulous records, so it’s always better to make a deposit and request reimbursement.

  • Submit invoices for payment/reimbursement
    Fundraisers are given their own general ledger so we can better track income, expenses and ROI. The sooner the expenses are submitted, the faster the team gets their money.

  • Post-event debrief
    It is imperative that your team of volunteers review what worked well and what could have gone better. Take notes, update your event timeline and planning details, and get ready for next year.

  • Post-Event Summary
    Once all your bills are paid, Tiger Boosters will provide you a financial event summary. This form outlines how much you made (breakdown provided), your expenses, Tiger Boosters’ admin fee, and the split between sports, if relevant.

  • Thank your donors and vendors!

    Don't forget to thank everyone who donated or helped out in some way. Use the thank you notes to the right. 

GoFundMe & Other Fundraising Tools

The number of options for fundraising today is, frankly, overwhelming. Because of this, Tiger Boosters requests that all online fundraising activities be approved through us. This includes GoFundMe, GiveButter, Kindly, and all other online fundraising efforts. 

This is necessary due to the sheer volume of options and the large number of groups that we serve, and to protect the integrity of our accounts. Managing incoming money when we don't know the source or don't have direct access to the account is extremely tedious. Platforms like GoFundMe track by bank accounts, so when multiple teams use GFM at the same time, we simply get a lump-sum deposit on the 25th of the month, without details outlining which team gets how much. 

We will set up the corporate account, and then give you access as needed. 

To request access or approval to set up an account, contact


WTA Tiger Boosters purchased a license for TeamSnap, a highly rated team management software that also comes in an app. We started with a beta group in the spring of 2019, and the 2019-20 academic year will see a full roll-out for all sports programs and teams.

Benefits of TeamSnap

These are some of the reasons we are using TeamSnap:

    • Manage rosters
    • Track & share team schedule, games and results, which integrates with our website.
    • Simplify and streamline team communication
    • Ability to invoice families by team or individually
    • Collect forms
    • Ability to assign roles at the team and sport level.

Getting TS management access

Head coaches determine who will have management access at the sport level (for example, Boys Soccer) and should let Tiger Boosters know so that we can make sure the relevant people are appropriately assigned. Email for access.

Team Schedule in TS

It is imperative that you use TeamSnap to track your schedule. This is important because:

  • The schedule in TS will show up on your web page AND on the front page of the website
  • Student-athletes and parents will use the app on their phones for the schedule
  • This is meant to be an all-in-one tool

Events vs Games

It is important that each game or practice is accurately logged into TeamSnap. 

  • Any scheduled item labeled GAME will show up on the front page of the website
  • ALL scheduled items, including GAMES and EVENTS (practices, fundraisers, etc.), will show up on the calendar on YOUR team page.

Upload Your Schedule in TS First

We know that many coaches have to upload the teams schedules in multiple locations. We encourage you to start with TeamSnap FIRST, because you will then be able to export the schedule into a .csv file, which can then be uploaded to the other websites you are required to use.

Managing rosters

Team managers and coaches can rearrange team rosters at any point. 

To request training, contact

Invoicing in TS

Teams can invoice at the team level, usually through the app. (TeamSnap is constantly updating its capabilities, so this is subject to change.) If you decide to do this, be sure to check with the AR Treasurer, who will turn on your team-level invoicing and money collection. If you do not, you will invoice your team and the funds will may be refunded because they are not "claimed." 

You can set different price points for each team, or offer payment plans, or offer discounted rates for certain families. You can invoice the whole team the same amount, or different groups each different amounts. 

Using TS to communicate with my team

Per Wilson's policy, as of Fall 2020, you should be using TeamSnap exclusively for communication with your student-athletes and their families. You have the ability to send out one-way notices (from you to them), or to connecting with a smaller group of student-athletes (such as a group that's traveling to a specific event). Coaches and managers can even DM each other and individual student-athletes through TeamSnap. 

TeamSnap is intuitive and there are training modules online. You may also contact the TeamSnap coordinator for training. 

Who to contact if you have questions about TeamSnap

If your student-athlete is on a team and you have not registered for TeamSnap, look for the invitation that was likely sent to you. You may also email for assistance.


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